Urinal blocks are an excellent invention for all people. It is often known as urinal cakes. Urinal block is a cleaning tool that stops the stinky urine smell and reduces smell. The primary function of urinal blocks is to disinfect urinals and reduce the smell of urine from urinals.

What is a Urinal Block?

Urinal blocks are cube-sized product, which reduces the awful smell of urine and helps keep urinals clean. There are many functions of Urinal blocks. So many companies offer these products with a variety of pleasant odors. Products like urinal blocks are convenient and useful. They can prevent the smell and provide a pleasant aroma. Urinal blocks are also available in many colors.
In the early years, this product was made from carcinogenic elements that were not good for human health if inhaled for an extended period. The good news is that many companies are making this product from non-carcinogenic substances. They call it enzyme-based products. These products are non-harmful to us.

How Do Urinal Blocks Remove The odor?

Urine is a waste material from the human body, which contains ammonia and many other harmful elements. When urine dries on the urinal’s surface, it creates a positive environment for bacteria to grow because bacteria require ammonia to reproduce.
These bacteria are responsible for the awful odor. Urinal blocks destroy these bacteria and prevent the smell. The urinal blocks are manufactured so that when urine passes through it, this block melts. So, it also prevents the blockage of urinals. It hinders the way, so only urine can pass through it.
Urinal blocks are water-soluble substances. So, it dissolves with the urine and also cleans the pipes of a urinal. Thus, it prevents clogging in the urinal.

How To Use Urinal Block?

The best way to use a urinal block is to put it on a urinal screen. The Urinal screen is a flexible perforated met, which prevents the clogging urinal. Put this urinal screen on the main drain, so the solid substance and hairs couldn’t fall into the drain pipe.
Place a urinal block on the urinal screen. The chemical structure allows a urinal block to dissolve over time. The urinal screen prevents the small-sized urinal blocks from going down into the drain. When it fully dissolves, the chemicals used in the urinal block clean the drain pipe also.
There are a variety of companies selling urinal blocks in different price ranges. The buyer should think wisely. The low-priced urinal blocks come with short-time use. So ultimately, the number of low-cost urinal blocks will require more. In contrast, if you buy a quality product at a reasonable price, it lasts for a long time, and the quantity used will be less. So, purchase quality urinal blocks instead of focusing on costs.
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