Multi-Head Weigh Packing Machine

This machine is mainly suitable for automatic quantitative packaging machines for bulk and block materials, such as various puffed foods, rice noodles, pistachios, candies, biscuits, frozen meatballs, dumplings, jujubes, glutinous rice balls, pet food, small hardware, fungus, Chinese herbal medicine, etc.

Benefit of FW-BZ10 Multi-Head Weigh Packing Machine

1. Weighing detection and photoelectric eye detection can be shared to meet a variety of materials.
2. Weighing method or counting of grains can be realized to meet different weighing ranges.
3. The film release structure is simple and has the function of automatic deviation correction.
4. PLC control, with stable and reliable dual-axis high-precision output and color touch screen, bag making, measuring, filling, printing, and cutting, all at one time. 

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