Packaging Machine

Are you looking to improve ROI in your production and packaging processes? Finalwe provides fully automated packing solutions. Suitable for almost all industries, including food and non-food, pharmaceutical industries, etc. Help you improve efficiency while increasing profits.

FW-BK40 Pouch Packaging Machine

This machine is suitable for the packaging of non-viscous, bulk, and granular materials such as medicine, food, tea,plant seeds, washing powder, coffee, sugar, desiccant, etc. also suitable for liquid and sauce packing.

FW-ZT260/300 Cellophane Packaging Wrapping Machine

This type of transparent membrane automatic three-dimensional packaging machine is mainly applicable to pharmaceutical, food, daily chemicals, cosmetics, audio, and video products. The machine can be with the cartooning machine, producing mechanical linkage spurts the code machine, etc.

FW-RF80 Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine

The machine is suitable for mass shrink packaging in stationery, food, cosmetics, pharmacy, hardware, and other industries. It also has a close-fitting function and is specially designed for packaging small products.

FW-BP350 Pillow Packing Machine

The machine is suitable for packing regular objects such as biscuits, wafers, ice cream, egg yolk pie, chocolate, bread, instant noodles, moon cakes, medicine, daily necessities, industrial parts, solid alcohol cartons or trays.

FW-GB200/300 Premade Bag Packing Machine

Automatic doypack rotary packing machine for premade doy bags with zipper filling and sealing ziplock pouches. Fill free flowing grains, pulses, seeds, salt, tea powder, coffee beans, maize, coffee powder, coconut powder, nuts, candies,dried fruits, pasta, vegetables, snacks, pet food, low weighing engineering products and many more.

FW-BZ10 Multi-Head Weigh Packing Machine

This machine is mainly suitable for automatic quantitative packaging machines for bulk and block materials, such as various puffed foods, rice noodles, pistachios, candies, biscuits, frozen meatballs, dumplings, jujubes, glutinous rice balls, pet food, small hardware, fungus, Chinese herbal medicine, etc.
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