Cartoning Machine

The cartoning machine is suitable for the packaging of several pieces of cosmetics, eye drops, perfume bottles, etc. and similar items. It can automatically complete manual folding, carton opening, item packing, batch number printing, and box sealing. The machine adopts PLC control and photoelectric monitoring of the actions of various parts. Abnormalities occur during operation. It can automatically stop and display the reason for timely troubleshooting. The machine can also be used alone or in conjunction with filling machines and other equipment to form In-line production line.
Model FW-ZH120
Cartoning Speed 40-70 cartons/min
Carton Size (60-150) mm×(20-60) mm×(20-50) mm
Power Supply 220V-380V 50Hz
Motor Power 1.5KW
Machine Dimension 3600mm×1100mm×1750mm
Net Weight of Machine 1200kg

Benefit of FW-ZH120 Cartoning Machine

It adopts PLC control and touch screen display operation, which can accurately display the production status. According to the product packaging requirements, the technical parameters can be modified in time, and the fault alarm can be stopped and the cause of the fault can be accurately reflected. The speed of the main motor is controlled by the inverter. The high-speed control system adopts an incremental angle encoder instead of traditional cam control, and has a precise motion positioning control function.
The equipment has an alarm function. If the operation is wrong, it will automatically stop running according to the set control value; if the equipment exceeds or falls below the set value, the equipment will automatically alarm. In addition, multiple emergency stop devices are set to activate the emergency stop switch. All pneumatic and electric control functions can be turned off, and the key signs are eye-catching and prominent. In addition, in the power input, the input part is designed with an overload torque protector, so that the machine will stop immediately when it encounters an overload during operation. In addition, a plexiglass safety semi-shielding device is added to the equipment to further protect the safety requirements of operators.
The main executive components are detected by a variety of photoelectric switches, and are centrally controlled by the programmable logic controller PLC to realize the coordinated movement of the whole machine. If there is an error in the current station, the photoelectric sensor device will send a signal, and the station will stop working. Alarm, when there is an error in the work of the rear station, the photoelectric sensor device sends a signal, and the front station stops working. Therefore, the machine has a simple structure, reliable operation, guarantees product quality, and improves production efficiency.


Carton Box Packaging Machine

Carton box packaging machine can finish the work of carton opening, shaping, folding and sticking adhesive tapes. Equipped with our consistency system, it runs precisely and reliably. This machine provides extremely secure sealing effect, without tape slipping problems. Hot melt glue system is optional. It is widely used with our carton sealer ,carton packer ,weighting system, labeling machine, printing machine ,strapping machine and conveyor system accordingly.

Model FW-ZX
Carton Size L(250mm-900mm);W(160mm-400mm);
Packing Speed 8-12pcs/min
Width of Adhesive Tape 48mm,60mm,72mm
Motor Power 200W
Machine Dimension 2100mm×2100mm×1480mm
Net Weight of Machine 450kg

Benefit of FW-ZH120 Cartoning Machine

1. Automatic unpacking, packing and sealing of the whole line can effectively reduce labor cost.
2. Side push packing, neat stack block object is stable and reliable.
3. Palletizing specifications and carton size changes can be convenient and accurate adjustment.
4. With single machine independent debugging and production control, control screen interface output count, machine running speed adjustment and equipment failure and other digital and text display and prompt.
5. With carton quality and carton reserves detection and monitoring, fault alarm, fault stop and emergency stop and other safety protection functions.
6. The packing is smooth and does not damage the appearance of the carton. The appearance of the finished carton is intact, clean and qualified.


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