Capsule Separating Machine

The capsule separating machine is designed to automatically eliminate the cap and separate unqualified hard capsules with powders to recycle powders and particles.
It is ergonomically designed; suitable for capsule sizes from size 00# to size 4# with applicable change parts; easy to clean and maintain; user-friendly and meet the cGMP Standard in the industry. It is an excellent machine to own by any capsule manufacturing plants.

Benefit of FW-QF300B Capsule Separating Machine

1. This machine conforms to GMP norm and has high work efficiency.
2. This machine applies the simulative artificial pulling principle for design to avoid the malpractice that other similar devices use the cutting principle to generate capsule fragments.
3. This machine replaces the traditional processing mode and conforms to the ergonomic design. It is suitable for manufacturers with high yield, expensive powders, and strict requirements.
4. With the small volume, this machine is easy to clean and maintain. 

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