VH Series

Automatic Mixing Machine

VH series mixer is mixing equipment for pharmaceutical industry and other powder and granular materials. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and other industries.
Because the lengths of the two cylindrical columns that make up the mixer are not equal, they form an asymmetry. When the mixer is running, the materials are different from the decomposition and combination angles, forming an axial layer by layer Alternate diffusion and mixing, due to the different planes of the materials on the inner wall of the cylinder, also have different potential energy between each other, resulting in lateral convection mixing. The above-mentioned mixing effect is continuously repeated, so that the materials reach a very uniform random mixing state.
Due to the internal gravity mixing, this machine has a small pressure feed to the material, high mixing uniformity, and is made of stainless steel material. The inner and outer walls are polished, and the power consumption and efficiency are high. It is an ideal device for the new generation of powder mixing.

Benefit of VH Series Automatic Mixing Machine

One-button to start and another to close, easy to understand and operate.
Materials come from different angles. It can reach a very uniform random mixing state.
Large size range to meet your different needs.

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