Semi-automatic Counting Machine

This machine adopts the electronic counting technology of high dust resistance. Tablets (including heteromorphic),soft and hard capsules, (transparent and opaque in various shapes) pills and other solid particles in sizes ranging from 3-22 mm can be counted and divided. Can be bottled, boxed, bagged. Fully in line with GMP requirements, especially suitable for research institutions, hospitals, new small-scale pharmaceutical factories, health care products factory.

Benefit of FW-6S Semi-automatic Counting Machine

1. Strong compatibility, high accuracy, a wide range of applications, tablets (including heteromorphic), capsules, and soft capsules (transparent, opaque) pills can be counted and bottled.
2. Strong applicability, the use of the company’s anti-dust photoelectric sensing technology, in the case of high dust can be stable work.
3. Vibration-type blanking, the unique patented flip-flop sub-assembly mechanism does not damage the drug.
4. High degree of intelligence, with no bottle, fault self-test, and many other detection and alarm control functions.
5. Small footprint and low cost of use.
6. Changing varieties is convenient, dismantling the clearance does not require any tools, and it is convenient and fast.
7. The structure is compact, no expensive consumables, and low maintenance costs.
8. The human-machine interface control panel (touch screen) controls the chip for the original import. 


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