Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The NJP-800 capsule filling machine manufactured by our company has been improved and innovated for several years. Now the third generation of 800 fully automatic capsule filling machines has advanced technology and excellent configuration. This product’s performance and quality reached the most advanced level in international.

Benefit of NJP800C Capsule Filling Machine

1. Innovation of turntable mechanism, great stability, regardless of filling speed.
2. Quick and convenient assembly and disassembly of the mold (15 minutes) to reduce labor intensity, on the original basis to improve the efficacy three times.
3. The installation of the mold is accurate, the concentricity of the upper and lower die holes is good, there is no deviation, and the capsule has no edge insertion effect.
4. The advantages of the new filling mechanism are easy installation, disassembly and cleaning, and effective improvement of work efficiency.
5. A new type of tug was used, and an automatic powder recovery structure was installed. The powder leaked from the production filling process was automatically recovered, which increased the economic benefit.
6. The separation device of powder and waste capsule was innovated: effective recovery of lost powder. The recovered powder can be filled and used directly, which reduces waste and increases economic benefits.
7. The two horizontal shafts of the high-precision fully enclosed turntable adopts PTFE oil-free bearings, which are sealed with an imported silicone rubber sealing ring (SIL) for preventing powder from entering the inside room of the turntable.
8. Automatic control of capsule closing and opening is safe and convenient.
9. Automatic alarm and shutdown when the hopper is short of powder.
10. Equipped with gate control and mechanical failure safety system, automatic alarm, and automatic shutdown. 


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