Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The NJP-200C automatic capsule filling machine, as a perfect upgrading alternative for semi-automatic capsule filling machine, has been widely used in hospitals, colleges, pharmaceutical research institutes and labs of big pharmaceutical enterprises.

Benefit of NJP200C Capsule Filling Machine

1. Small in size, light in weight, energy savings, easy to operate, and clean.
2. Opening and locking of the capsule can be controlled automatically which is safe and convenient.
3. Equipped with an inching control system, which makes it easy and convenient for cleaning, loading, and unloading of upper and lower dies.
4. Equipped with gate control security system and mechanical failure security system, which provides functions of automatic alarm and shutdown.
5. Automatic alarm and shutdown will be activated when lacks an empty capsule or powder.
6. The high-precision cam splitter uses the optical dividing head of German Zeiss.
7. Rich functions designed on the HMI, including counting and displaying functions during the production, and it is able to link with printer, if needed, for printing information including date of production, lot number, quantity, etc.
8. The operating cams are all processed with 20crmoti carburizing and quenching treatment, which has ensured the accuracy and unity of the cams and provided a longer service life. 


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