Effervescent tablets are used for antacids and to treat the common cold, but they also have food supplement and multivitamin delivery applications for cleaning teeth and dentures. Their main benefit is that the amount of active ingredient, even in larger doses, dissolves in water, making it easy to ingest. The intake of active ingredients in water is not only faster and gentler on the stomach, but also helpful for patients with dysphagia, children, as well as the disabled or the elderly. At the same time, tablets have a longer shelf life than liquids, provided they are resistant to moisture and moisture.

Solve sticking and tablet integrity

In order for them to be compressed, effervescent tablets always require a base, such as sodium carbonate, plus a source of acid, usually citric acid, which triggers rapid dissolution of the tablet when it comes into contact with water. A key feature is the average tablet size in excess of 25mm, which makes high compression forces and deep filling depths an important part of the tableting process.
Given their often crumbly, crumbly texture, there is a risk of chipping at the edges of the tablets as they come out of the press and out of the discharge chute. Here, conveyor belts and vibrating channels deliver tablets directly to where they are packaged in blister belts or tubes, providing a reliable solution. Effervescent tablets are also prone to stickiness at higher temperatures or higher humidity.
This is why it is important to spray a lubricant (such as magnesium stearate or paraffin oil) on the mold and maintain a constant temperature in the production environment to ensure easy discharge without interrupting production. In this case, it is important to accurately meter the lubricant by spraying it from the outside onto the compression tool and die, so that the hydrophobic component of the tablet mixture is as small as possible.

Choose High Efficiency Effervescent Tablet Press Machine

Heavy-duty tablet presses with high compression force (> 100kN) and deeper filling depths (up to 40mm) for large format tablets. Finalwe tablet presses accommodate large format tablets up to 34mm in diameter with a special turret and improved feeder paddles for optimal mold filling.
To ensure production reliability, Finalwe also offers additional solutions to prevent effervescent tablets from sticking to the punch surface, including air dehumidification and cooling in the compression zone, or turret cooling. Higher production speeds can be achieved using an improved punch tool with a special coating on the punch face and a larger punch for longer compression dwell time.
Effervescent tablets are usually produced on presses that are directly connected to packaging machines and packaging equipment such as tube filling machines or blister production lines. Finalwe offers a complete systems approach to seamless line integration for virtually any effervescent tablet application.
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