According to many years of experience in the factory, some raw materials are not suitable for tableting. Please refer to the following elements or consult our customer service to determine whether it is suitable for tableting. Please read it carefully to avoid any loss due to the return of the machine due to raw material problems.

Material requirements suitable for tableting

The raw material must be dry powder or granule and the moisture content must be limited to 5%.
The raw material should have good fluidity (the ideal fineness is between 20-60 mesh, and a small amount of fine powder is preferred). If the fluidity of the raw material is not good, it can be solved by granular, please refer to (pelleting secrets).
Viscosity refers to the powder through external factors can be agglomerated or powder can stick together.If there is no viscosity of raw materials may need to add adhesive to improve (such as: Maltodextrin, sugar, starch, microcrystalline cellulose.)

If your raw material contains a lot of oil it will be difficult to form, so the raw material should not contain too much oil.


If you are not sure whether your raw material is suitable for tablet pressing,you can go to the door to test machine or send the raw material,we test machine photo video for you.

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