The normal operation of a tablet press depends on many important factors, such as its manufacturing quality, durability, specifications and maintenance. Cleaning is one of the very important aspects of regular maintenance and helps the smooth operation of the tablet press. Unscheduled cleaning of the pellet machine can cause many problems, such as defective products or incorrect product dosages. Therefore, cleaning is one of the most critical aspects of any pelletizing machine. It is recommended to verify and record the cleanliness of the machine.

Steps to clean the tablet press

Clean the exterior:

Clean all visible dirt on the outside of the equipment and remove excess formula with the help of vacuum. Avoid using compressed air to blow off excess material, as it will trap the material in hidden pockets and casings, which can cause problems in the future.

Machine appearance inspection:

Check the tablet press to measure the condition of the parts. Look for signs of damage to different parts, and set aside the parts that need repair or replacement.

Prepare the machine for cleaning:

Carefully disassemble the detachable part of the pellet press for cleaning. Punches, plates, feed frames and guards are some parts that can be easily disassembled for cleaning.

Use the correct cleaning agent:

The choice of cleaning agent mainly depends on the dirt on the tablet press. You need to consider the type of surface to be cleaned to ensure that the correct cleaning agent is selected.

Set the cleaning method:

In addition to using the correct cleaning agent, some important factors must be considered, such as the amount of cleaning agent, temperature, residence time, cleaning method and type of water.

Rinse thoroughly:

After cleaning, it should be rinsed thoroughly. It helps to remove excess detergent left on the surface.

Cleaning inspection:

The cleaning inspection helps to identify any residues of the cleaning agent, which helps prevent contamination.


After cleaning the tablet press, it should be disinfected as needed.

Dry parts:

All parts of the pellet press should be completely dry to prevent corrosion or rust.

Following the established cleaning procedures for the pellet press will not only help maintain stability and efficiency, but also extend the life of the machine. Regular cleaning of machinery can also play an important role in preventing product and regulatory issues. In the long run, careful implementation of regular cleaning procedures can improve efficiency and save costs. Considering its benefits, every tablet manufacturer should implement this.

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