There are different types of machines that are used in the pharmaceutical industries. These machines have different works to execute according to their configuration. A capsule filling machine is one of the assets for the pharmaceutical companies. It is an important machine that plays a significant role in the Capsule Filling process by making the process execution speedy.

Before moving on to working principles of different types of capsule fillers, let’s have a brief discussion on what is a capsule filler.

What is Capsule Filler?

Capsule filler is a type of machine used to fill empty capsules with pharmaceutical ingredients. These capsules fillers are divided into 2 categories depending upon their uses i.e., personal capsule filling machine & professional capsule filling machine. Personal capsule filling machines is for small scale production and utilization. These personal capsule filler machines allow people to fill their capsules with the necessary medication. On the other hand, professional capsule fillers are used in pharmaceutical industries at large scale production with high efficiency.

Working Principle of A Capsule Filling Machine

Every machine has its own working method. The capsule filling machine works in a step-by-step process that is as mentioned below.

  1. The positioning of colourless & translucent capsules in the capsule filling tray.
  2. Division of capsule caps from their bodies.
  3. Filling up the capsule body with pharmaceutical ingredients
  4. Rearrange the caps and bodies
  5. Expulsion of filled capsules from the machine

This working method is common in all different types of capsule filler machines that are also known as encapsulators.

Different Types of Capsule Filling Machines

The capsule fillers are available in the market in different varieties depending upon the need of the fillers in industries. The capsule filling machines can be classified into the following different types for use in pharmaceutical industries.
1. Manual /Hand Operated Filling Machine
2. Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
3. Automatic Capsule Machine
Here is a detailed informatory explanation about how different types of capsule filler machines work.

Manual Capsule Fillers

A manual capsule filler is used mostly at an individual level and can be used in industries where the amount that needs to be filled with the exact amount of ingredients.

A Hand Operated Capsule filler can produce about 800 capsules in one pressing. These capsule filling machines have loading trays that hold a volume of 300 holes. A powder tray is also attached to the machine itself. The pin plate works as a filter of the machine and a sealing plate that seals the cap of capsules. A cam handle with a loading tray of about 300 holes on an average is connected with the machine. With the addition of the above mentioned excellent amenities, a manual capsule filling machine is reliable for producing capsules as per the need of the user.

All above are various element requirements of a manual filling machine for capsules.

Semi-Automatic Capsule Fillers

The is a hybrid machine that is a mixture of both the automatic and manual capsule filler machines.

The semi-automatic machines are less operator dependent. It is designed in such a manner that the equipment should meet the hygiene requirements used in the pharmaceutical industry. Its decent design and strong construction factors make it low maintenance and durable equipment.

The utilization of stainless steel and non-corrosive proven elements in the construction of minor parts eliminates contamination and facilitates easy cleaning after use to make the capsule fillers acceptable for filling up the powders and granular substance in the pharmaceutical industries. 

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

An automatic capsule filling machine is manufactured and designed to directly fill up capsules with pharmaceutical powders without any operator dependability. Automatic filters are used in the large scale production of capsules in pharmaceutical industries. These capsule machines can integrate any kind of powder or granules fine particle in the body of the capsule. An automatic encapsulator can also work as a complete system by attaching additional equipment such as an online capsule polishing machine, dust extractor, damage capsule sorter and empty capsule ejector.

A capsule filling machine is a need for the pharmaceutical industry for high-rate capsule production with a contamination-free environment. With the detailed explanation and all the above points prove that capsule filling machines are reliable equipments for capsule production.

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