Buyers usually have some common misunderstandings about tablet presses. Through the misunderstandings listed below, I hope to help you make the best choice.

  1. When using the same material, the operating performance of the laboratory single punching machine is the same as that of the high-speed rotary tablet press.

This is wrong. Users should be aware that there is a big difference between the R&D process and the actual mass production process. The biggest difference is that the tableting speed of the desktop tablet press is much lower than that of the rotary tablet press. Different tableting speeds will not only affect the hardness of the tablet, but also cause changes in the tableting process. Users usually increase the pressure at higher speeds, but this change may damage the punch and die, and sometimes change the disintegration properties of the tablet.

  1. By buying a high-speed rotary tablet press, the user can produce at the highest speed.

Practice has proved that this is wrong. Powder is unique, and each batch of powder has the required compression ratio. The compression ratio will determine the speed of the rotary tablet press in use. If higher pressure is required during the production process, the user can reduce the compression speed or adjust the compression ratio of the particles.

  1. The feeder of all tablet presses is the same.

This is obviously wrong. Because different tablet presses use different feeders to continuously feed the material into the mold. If the material cannot flow continuously, the tableting speed will be greatly restricted. Two different types of feed systems are described below.

Open feeder: is the most common feeder. The particles are gradually filled into the die hole by gravity. The good granule fluidity ensures small differences in tablet weight.

Closed feeder: The material feeding process is divided into two steps during operation, and it is equipped with a variable speed frequency converter. In the first step, the particles enter the storage bin of the feeder from the hopper. In the second step, the particles in the storage bin enter the feeder. This is to ensure uninterrupted feeding and minimize weight differences.

  1. Buying a tablet press is only considered from a technical point of view.

This is easy to understand. After purchasing and installing the tablet press, the buyer also needs the technical support of the tablet press supplier. Therefore, it is essential to establish a good relationship with the machine supplier. Their expertise will be of great help in verifying the tablet press and providing technical services. Establishing strong and friendly relationships with suppliers is the key to success.

Users of general pharmaceutical companies must verify the new machine, so they must evaluate the level of verification provided by the supplier before purchasing a tablet press. With the help of the supplier, the verification time can be shortened. The quality of after-sales service and the supply of spare parts and spare parts are also important. Therefore, a reliable supplier of tablet presses is essential.

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