Analysis of Types of Candy Tablet Presses

Tablet candy processing refers to a kind of candy that is made of various raw materials by the manufacturer and pressed into tablets, not the so-called “sugar tablets” or “candy” in our daily life. Tablet candy is added with water, alcohol, etc., and is a mixture formed by granulation and tableting. Because it does not require heating, it is called cold-worked production.

1. The Production Process of Tablet Candy

Powdered sugar—>Ingredients—>Mixing—>Granulation—>Drying—>Granulation—>Tabletting
Pressed candy relies on the research of tableting candy manufacturing technology for enterprise production, which is mainly a process of pressing granules or fine powder into a tightly bound combination by pressure. After compression, the particles are squeezed, the gaps between the particles and fine powders will also be reduced, the air will be gradually discharged, some particles or crystals will be crushed, and they will be filled into the gaps after crushing. As the pressure approaches a certain level, the granules will gradually form a monolithic tablet; thus the tableting production is complete.

2. Types of Candy Tablet Presses

Traditional tablet presses are mainly used for tablet process research in the pharmaceutical industry. Now, with the development of tableting technology, the types of tablet presses are becoming more and more abundant, and tablet presses have also been widely used in food processing industries such as candy. At present, the candy tablet presses on the market include single-punch tablet presses, rotary tablet presses, and high-speed rotary tablet presses. Among them, the working principle of the single-punch tablet press is one-way tableting based on manual compression molding, which is suitable for small batch production of various sugar tablets, calcium tablets, special-shaped tablets, etc.
The rotary tablet press is a machine that presses the granular materials into tablets by a plurality of dies evenly distributed on the turntable according to a certain trajectory to move up and down in a circular motion. When the machine presses tablets, the speed of the turntable, the filling depth of the material and the thickness of the tablet can be adjusted, and the pressed candy and other products have a uniform thickness and high gloss without polishing. In addition, the equipment is equipped with a suction nozzle device, which can absorb the dust generated when the machine rotates, avoid sticking and blockage, and can recycle raw materials for reuse.
The high-speed rotary tablet press is used to press various granular raw materials into round tablets and special-shaped tablets. The main components are the upper punch, the middle die and the lower punch. The purpose of tablet pressing is achieved with the upward and downward movement of the curved rail guide. According to the introduction of relevant personnel, it is suitable for the production of various round sugar tablets, calcium tablets, etc. in large or small batches of various varieties. Like the rotary tablet press, the speed of the turntable, the filling depth of the material, and the thickness of the tablet can be adjusted during tableting.

3. How to Choose A Suitable Candy Tablet Press

The candy tablet press is mainly used for product tableting work, how the performance of the equipment directly affects the quality of the product tableting. In addition, the tablet press itself is a high-precision and high-standard equipment, which is different from other ordinary instruments and equipment, and has very high requirements. The candy tablet press has high test accuracy, stable operation, powerful and subsequent equipment upgrade services, which are all important factors that users need to consider when purchasing.
Nowadays, many candy processing companies are trying to reduce costs due to the constraints of labor, factory and other costs, so price is a major factor for buyers to consider. But in fact, as a candy tablet press, you can not only look at its price, but also focus on the cost of its subsequent use, the stability of quality and other aspects. Some users reported, “I bought this tablet press because the price was not high, but in the process of use, the work was often unstable, and the intermittent maintenance cost was not small.”

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